Promo Kit - Elevate Kidmin
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Spread the Word

Promo Kit TileElevate Kidmin is designed for children’s ministry staff and volunteers. If you serve on staff and want to help promote Elevate Kidmin to your team, you’re in the right place. We’ve created a Promo Kit for you to use as you spread the word to your team. The kit includes:


  • A complete Promo Plan
  • Sample emails to send to your team
  • Facebook posts you can share from your profile, in a group, or on a page
  • Instagram images and content ready to use
  • Elevate Kidmin logos you can include in communication
  • Specific content to speak to student/youth volunteers



Postcards for For Your Team!

In addition to everything above, you can order postcards you can mail or hand out to your team. See what they look like below and use the forms below to order the quantity you would like and have them mailed to you.


Are you and your team ready to grow?

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